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UMW Legislative Event
Location: Austin, TX
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UMW Legislative Event
Location: Austin, TX
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Frequently Asked Questions answers below

  • Why should I join UMW?
  • How do I send our members' info to be included n UMW communication?
  • What is the e-Newsletter deadline for UMW News of North Texas?
  • What is LIMITLESS?
  • What is UBUNTU?
  • Voting Delegates - who are they, how many are there and how are they chosen?
  • What is in the By-Laws or Standing Rules of UMW?
  • Where should Year-end payments be sent?

Send your questions and we will post the answers If you wonder about a question, probably others do too!

Why join UMW?
To make a positive difference in our world and for meaningful fellowship that deepens your spiritual life.  This happens at the local, district and conference level!  Attending our Spiritual Growth Retreats and Days Apart are great opportunities to visit with friends who live hours away in another district. Social Action Events are an opportunity to learn about current important issues and what we can do to help. Mission u opens up new understanding in a class environment. Your Conference Team wants to keep you aware of special events and opportunities! Join the email list and make sure that your local group sends members’ info to the database . Your information will be only be used to inform you about United Methodist Women. (Emails monthly and mail 2x /year)
To hear about these events by email, make sure you sign-up on the conference membership database. (see question & link below) Contact Michelle Barber, Membership Nurture & Outreach coordinator for more information

How do I send our members' information to be included in UMW communication? email and mail?
We hope that all United Methodist Women of North Texas are connected by our communcation! We email news about once a month and typically send mail twice a year. We encourage Districts and local groups to maintain and submit member information in a standard format to make it easier for everyone. Click for explanation and Directions here. Request a template here.

What is the deadline for the e-Newsletter sent to all UMW of North Texas?

The deadline for the UMW of North Texas News (e-newsletter) is the 3rd Wednesday of the month for the following month’s news. Articles ought to be about news for the FOLLOWING month. (Example: 3rd Wednesday of February submit news for the March e-news which will be promoting April events. Of course there will be “current” news – like Social Action updates, etc. But as for EVENTS – the info needs to be out there the month before so people can plan on attending and discuss it at meetings and with friends.

Our North Texas Conference Limitless: Redefine Tomorrow Young Women's Team is comprised of Maddy Reed (our Teen), Mary Shaffer (our Young Woman) and Marci Moore (our Mentor). Our Team attended a conferencer in August 2012 at Duke University. This event was so exciting and motivational that our Limitless team would like to replicate the eent specifically for teens and young women of the North Texas Conference.
Find more information about UMW of North Texas Limitless on the Conference News tab on the left sidebar on this website.

What is UBUNTU?
A parable to define "Ubuntu":
An anthropologist proposed a game to the kids in an African tribe. He put a basket full of fruit near a tree and told the kids that who ever got there first won the sweet fruits. When he told them to run, they all took each others hands and ran together, then sat together enjoying their treats. He asked them, "Why did you run like that?  One of you could have had all the fruits for yourself!" They said: ''UBUNTU, how can one of us be happy if all the other ones are sad?''
'UBUNTU' in the Xhosa culture means: "I am because we are."

Who are the Voting Delegates at Annual Meetings? How many are there?  
Each year at Conference and District annual meetings there are always women who don’t understand what a voting delegate is or who their voting delegates are for their unit. Well here’s what you need to know: according to the Standing Rules of the North Texas Conference United Methodist Women:
“At the annual meeting of the conference, each local unit shall be entitled to two voting delegates (elected by the unit) and in addition, one voting delegate for each fifty members over one hundred.”
thank you, Nancy Monroe, Conference Vice President, for the answer

Standing Rules of North Texas Conference United Methodist Women
The Standing Rules of North Texas Conference of United Methodist Women, or By-Laws, were last revised, voted on & accepted at the Annual Meeting on October 13, 2012. Please request changes to Tricia Loe to be considered for revision by August 2, 2013. Click on this link to see the whole 10 page document as a pdf. Don't be intimidated - the rules are actually easy reading.
The United Methodist Women of North Texas Conference shall function in accordance with the Constitution and Bylaws for United Methodist Women adopted from Recommendations of United Methodist Women, Inc. These Standing Rules are supplementary thereto. Page numbers refer to that handbook unless otherwise noted. All conference, district, and local officers should have a copy.
If you have any questions, contact Tricia Loe, Standing Rules, Chair.

Where should units send our year-end payments? By when?  
Please send your unit's year end payments to your District Treasurer. If you don't have her address, please contact your District President or any member of your District Team for that information.