2018 Watch the 45th Annual Meeting at Lovers Lane

We have two video links from the Oct. 27, 2018 45th NTC UMW Annual Meeting and Celebration  at Lovers Lane UMC (LLUMC).

A link to the PDF of the Program Book will be available soon. 

Our Guest Speaker  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2qHqia1poYHQDfW5_JPvoDqKnima6Ju6

Length 40 minutes containing:

  • [at 1m9s]     Introduction of Speaker by Rose Watson
  • [at 5m10s]   Speaker - The Reverend Joy Carol
  • [at 34m34s] Hymn of Invitation before Communion


First part of meeting       https://youtu.be/tWRCVcXlP7g/  

Length 1 hour and 25 minutes containing:

  • [at 0m30s]  Purpose and Theme by Greta McKelvey  VP NTC UMC
  • [at 2m30s]  Invocation and Remarks by Bishop Michael McKee 
  • [at 9m10s]  Remarks by Rev Dr. Stan Copeland at LLUMC
  • [at 14m10s] Spritual Reading by Elgie Loyd, Spiritual Growth Coordinator NTC UMW (with simultaneous reading in French, Maly, Spanish and Tagalog/Pilipino)
  • [at 16m0s]  Minutes, Roll and Membership Report by Adrienna Sterley, Sectetary, NTC UMW  (for Joyce Whiteley, MN&O NTC UMW)
  • [at 23m20s] Recognition of Guests by Mae H. Alexander, President NTC UMW
  • [at 27m30s] Congregational Hymn: We All Are One In Mission
  • [at 30m55s] Minutes audit team announced by Mae H. Alexander, President NTC UMW
  • [at 31m30s] Offering
  • [at 35m35s] Finance Report by Julie Noel Treasurer NTC UMW
  • [at 48m20s] Legacy Fund Report by Joy Adams, Legacy Fund Chair NTC UMW
  • [at 1h0m5s] Peggy Land, Education & Interpretation Coordinator NTC UMW
  • [at 1h4m35s] Committee on Nominations Report by Linda Fonteneaux, Nominations Chair NTC UMW
  • [at 1h9m45s] Installation of Officers & Mission Team by Rev. Jo M. Biggerstaff
  • [at 1h19m40s]  President's Annoucement & Recognition of Outgoing 2018 Leadership by Mae H. Alexander & Julie Noel